Couples share a
one of a kind love!

For the couples who seek adventure.
The love birds who crave more than the shallow end.
The soul mates who created a home through the intertwining of their hearts.
The duo’s who compliment each other better than peanut butter and jelly.

This is for you.



"Love is meant to be an adventure" - Gordan B. Hinckly

This is what the Connection Session is all about. Whether you have a baby bump or food baby my goal remains singularly focused; to create remnants of your connection. To reveal with my camera the invisible ties that bind you. 



Your love is one of a kind and life is too short not to capture it.

Connection session

Capture your 


I'm in! 
Let's do this!

A Connection Session is all about you guys. Your love is one of a kind, it has a unique shape, feel and tenor. It saunters to its individual rhythm and pace. The time you spend in front of the lens will reveal your unique love and relationship.  
I love getting to know you as a couple. I’ll ask you questions about your history, your present season and maybe a few hopes and dreams. We'll pick a location and craft the perfect session just for the two of you filled with laughter, adventure and romance. 

When you look at your images I want you to feel like someone "got" you two. The "special team", pair and love that only you can be.

create beautiful remnants
of your connection...

"... she truly captured the essence of our relationship..."

Shooting with Michelle was such an awesome experience for my husband and me! Initially, we were nervous about it because we thought it was just going to be an awkward situation doing poses to get the perfect picture (like we had experienced in the passed with other photographers) ... but we were TOTALLY wrong! The photo shoot was SO MUCH FUN! Michelle is such an amazing and easy-going person who created an environment that allowed my husband and I to be ourselves.

The best part about the photo shoot was that it didn’t feel forced or awkward in any way. Seeing the final images of our maternity shoot makes my heart skip a beat because she truly captured the essence of our relationship and the joy we were experiencing during that time in our lives.

from Cristina :


The Connection Session starts
with two payments of $400

This way to your
Connection Session